• Choosing the right soccer shoes

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    Soccer shoes, like most clothing items, are a wide and varied product. They range from the ridiculously expensive to the staggeringly cheap; from the standard black and white to the most garish colour imaginable, with everything in between. Although unlikely to be a matter of life and death, it is important to consider some crucial factors when choosing your shoe.

    man wearing fotball shoes


    Consider where you will be playing most of your soccer. If you are mainly an indoor player, it does not make sense to purchase a pair of shoes with studs or cleats attached. Equally, if you are mainly an outdoor player, the grip afforded by a pair with flat soles may not be appropriate for you. If you play both locations on a semi-regular basis, it is definitely worth investing in two different pairs.

    Your Position

    The position that you play will have an impact on the type of shoe you will wish to purchase. A defender, for example, is more likely to want a sturdy design that will give protection in a tough challenge. A winger or forward, on the other hand, will generally prefer a lighter, more comfortable shoe to utilise their speed and agility.

    Know Your Size

    This might seem like an obvious point, but soccer shoes – more than almost any other footwear – can cause issues if sizes are not correct. As well as the usual ailments such as blisters, if a soccer boot is too small it increases the risk of impact injuries to your feet. If you are considering making your purchase online, it can be beneficial to try the boots on in a sports store, to ensure the size is correct. Whilst obviously making the correct choice of football shoe won’t be the difference between you playing like Lionel Messi or playing like Lionel Richie, it can greatly improve your comfort and make you less likely to succumb to any nasty, easily avoidable injuries. Good luck!