• The Must-have Soccer Accessories

    Whether you’re on the pitch or cheering from the stands, there are some soccer accessories you just can’t do without. Below, you will find some of the essential soccer accessories for fans and players alike.


    Scarves are a familiar sight in the stands at soccer matches, adding colour and vibrancy to the supporting crowd. They are often held aloft during celebratory moments, emblazoned with the colours of the team, and wrapped around the neck to keep warm during the winter months. The scarf is an essential soccer accessory for anyone wanting to support their team to the maximum, and ideal for burying your head in when things don’t go quite as expected.supporter with scarf

    Shin guards

    On the soccer pitch it’s important to protect against injuries, especially in the shin area where the bone is weaker and more susceptible to leg breaks. Soccer may not be as much of a contact sport as others, but the legs still come in for some beating during a match. Shin guards are therefore an essential precaution. Most are made from a tough, but light material, meaning they won’t affect your game.

    Boot bag

    If you play for a soccer team, you’ll know that boots can get muddy, which is why a boot bag is an essential accessory for training and match-days. Having a bag that you can just stuff your muddy boots in after soccer is incredibly convenient and will mean you won’t get mud on surfaces such as car seats.


    One item of clothing essential to complete the soccer kit look is the socks; they’re long, match the rest of the team kit and cover the shin guards. However, the energetic game of soccer means that without securing your socks in place, they will forever keep coming down, meaning you will have to constantly pull them up, which is why tape is an essential accessory for any soccer player.